Well done to Dylan McBurney on joining team Schumacher

The DMCC would like to congratulate Dylan McBurney as he has recently joined Schumacher as a team driver. Dylan hasn’t been racing that long, but has been one of the fastest improving drivers we have ever seen at the DMCC, driving his SV2.

He came to 1/10th off road for the first time in the 2012/13 winter season finishing 9th in the hotly contested Clubman class. However in the Summer 2013 championship, he showed us all what he can do by winning the clubman class with a full complement of wins! Pretty damn good for a guy racing for only a year!

He then went on to win the DMCCs biggest event of the year, Winter Race Ireland, again in the clubman class. For the 2013/2014 Winter season Dylan joined the much faster modified class and finished 3rd behind Mick Bolger and his Mechanic/Dad Denzell.

Dylan has been nipping at the heels of 1/10ths top Irish drivers and it’s obvious he will be beating them on a regular basis pretty soon. At the recent first round of the Irish Nationals he took a win in the third leg of the finals, showing the rest of the field just how good he is.

It’s such a pleasure to watch Dylan drive, he is so precise and consistent, and you can see he really loves the sport.

He has now moved on to the Schumacher KF, and says he really likes the car. He is going much faster with it than he was with the SV2 on the DMCC astro turf track, so it will be very interesting to see how he goes in the DMCC 2014 summer champs and the 2014 nationals.

He has also started to run in the 4WD class recently, and has shown he`s just as good as with the 2WD.

We are really proud to have Dylan race at the DMCC.

Schumacher made a very smart move signing this guy! He is certainly one to watch for the future.

Best of luck to Dylan from the DMCC!!!!

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