Round 3 of RCCAOI Nationals at the DMCC..........

Round 3 of the RCCAOI Electric Off Road Nationals sees us return to the Dublin Model Car Club for the second time this year. As we primarily runs 1/10th scale we were chosen for two rounds this year.


DMCC Track ready to go, with the Cross-over in the middle

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2 Wheel Drive Modified: As this is just round 3 of 4 all is still to play for at the top. We see a return to the Series of Dylan McBurney who missed round 2 due to exams. Right off the bat he showed he was serious about doing well in this round scoring 18 laps. However Michael Bolger and Denzell McBurney weren`t going to make it easy for him, all three finishing within 3 seconds.

It continued this way for all 3 qualifying rounds with all 3 top drivers fighting it out for pole position seperated by seconds. It just shows how good this racing is to watch!

Other top drivers in the series didn’t fair so well, William White was dogged by mechanical troubles from the start in the Team C car. Colin Whelan in the Yokomo who did so well in round 2 was a lap behind the top 3 and qualified in 5th position. Though Derek McCloskey, the longtime Schumacher driver was getting to grips with his new Yokomo. Two other drivers drove very consistently during qualifying and earning themselves 4th and 6th on the grid, Michael O`Leary and Adam Keegan.

2 Wheel Drive Clubman: From the outset, Kevin White showed us that he planned to win the day and the Series, however fellow Schumacher driver Tony Dorney was hot on his heels qualifying 2nd. Dave Bolger, Ken Gordon and Jack Cunningham fought it out for 3rd on the grid, with Ken taking it in the end.

4 Wheel Drive Modified: Again Dylan McBurney in the Schumacher was showed from the outset he wanted Pole position, taking wins in all three rounds of Qual, with the fastest run of the day in round 2. A full 19 laps in 5 minutes!!! However Michael Bolger wasn’t exaclty slow in the B44 taking 2nd. William White was in flying form qualifying 3rd, with Lee McGuire in the Tamiya 4th.


Dylan McBurneys Schumacher


The grids were an interesting layout across all classes, with the more consistent drivers up at the top, while some normally faster guys were a bit further down. This was going to be an interesting final!!!

4 Wheel Drive Modified: This certainly wasn’t a done deal for Dylan McBurney. Leg 1 saw him take the win, but Michael Bolger was only 4 seconds behind. William White took the win in Leg 2, with Michael and Dylan crossing the line in a drag race down the straight leaving 1 second between the drivers! Dylan took the win in leg 3 giving him the 100 series points, but Michael and William finished the race within 6 seconds making it one very exciting race! Michael took 2nd, just 0.2 seconds ahead of William.

Overall William took second, with him and Michael tied on points, but the tie breaker going Williams way. Its great to see such close racing.


Above, 4WD Modified

1st Dylan McBurney (Schumacher), 2nd William White (Yokomo), 3rd Michael Bolger (Associated)

2 Wheel Drive Clubman: Schumacher driver, Kevin White took all three legs in Clubman, but Tony Dorney wasn’t far behind in all the legs. AE driver Dave Bolger had a tough race but overall took 3rd. This puts Dave in 2nd overall in the Series.

Though Kevin has taken 1st overall, 2nd and 3rd are still all to play for between 5 drivers. The last round is going to be interesting!!


Above, 2WD Clubman

1st Kevin White (Schumacher), 2nd Tony Dorney (Schumacher), 3rd Dave Bolger (Associated)

2 Wheel Drive Modified: I was lucky enough to qualify for the B final, this ment I watched the A finals as a referee. Im glad I made the B…. Because this was some of the closest and exciting racing ive seen in years!

Denzell and Dylan fought it out to the end. There was just 0.3 seconds betwwn them when they crossed the line in Leg 1, with McBurney Senior taking first. Michael bolger took a well deserved 3rd, closely followed by AE driver Michael O`Leary

Leg 2 saw Dylan and Denzell swapping places, with Dylan taking the lead close to the end. Again seperated by less than 1 second! Colin Whelan was getting things together in the Yokomo taking 4th for this leg.

Leg 3 Was going to be exciting, as the two top drivers were tied. Through out the leg they drove nose to tail, with Denzell taking a slightly bigger lead after the two drivers tangled. Dylan drove like he was late for mass to try and catch up, but couldn’t regain the ground, with Denzell crossing the line first, just 7 seconds ahead of his Schumacher team mate! Exciting stuff.

Michael O`leary took third in this leg, really getting to grips with the B5M

Some notable driving in the A final was Adam Keegan, who will represent Ireland in the European Championships this year. Also Michael O`Leary who drove well all day, and Jacek Zadrozny who made his first National A final.


Above, 2WD Modified

1st Denzell McBurney (Schumacher), 2nd Dylan McBurney (Schumacher), 3rd Michael Bolger (Associated)

And finally....

With only 1 more round to go, all is to play for across all classes. With a new layout at Navan Nitro Nuts track, it should be an interesting final round.


William White, Jacek Zadrozny and Anthony Fitzpatrick line up for some practice

See you at Round 4!!!!

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