The DMCC Pink Tie Slot Car Challenge..

Fancy a bit of Endurance Slot Car Racing for a very good cause??

With the DMCC running the Pink Tie Cup for RC cars, the Slot Car enthusiasts in the club had to get on board, as it’s such a good cause, and have organised an event for Slot Car racing….. The DMCC Pink Tie Slot Car Challenge!

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Like the Pink Tie Cup, ALL proceeds will go to Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

Click here to read about the DMCC Pink Tie Cup

For more information about Aoibheann`s Pink Tie click on the Duck!

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About the DMCC Pink Tie Slot Car Challenge

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t raced a slot car since Christmas Day in 1986 when you got your first Scalextric set, this event is open to all. Best of all Cars will be provided as part of your entry fee!

It will be team endurance racing, held at The Naul slot car track.

The event will take place on Monday 2nd January.


Format for the day

In the morning, there will be a 6 team endurance race on the DIGITAL track. Six equally matched cars will be provided. Tyres will be included. The race will last 3 hours.

In the afternoon, there will be a 4 team endurance race on the ANALOG track. Again, cars and tyres provided. This will also be 3 hours.


Teams must be a minimum of 3 people, though you can have more. You may enter a full team, or let us know if you have no friends, and we will find a team for you.

The entry fee per team will be €90 (includes car, tyres etc.)


Because of the nature of this event, it is PRE-ENTRY ONLY. So email us at and let us know if you would like to enter.

When entering, please specify whether you/your team would like to race in the Digital or Analog race. This will be on a first come first served basis, so get your entries in asap.

If you already have a full team, we will request the entry fee in advance. If you don’t have a full team, we will request the entry fee once we match you up with more team members.

If we feel any team is too strong (i.e. a bunch of expert Slot Car racers) we may split you up. After all, this is meant to be a fun event.

During the racing, one member of your team must marshal while one drives. The rest of the team can make tea/go to shop for bickies.

Closing Date for entries is December 18th

Times for the events...

  • Doors Open, 8:00am
  • Practice for the morning race, 9:00-9:30am
  • Qualifying, 9:45
  • Morning Digital Endurance race, 10:00-13:00
  • Lunch 13:00-13:30
  • Practice for afternoon Analog race, 13:30-14:00
  • Qualifying, 14:15
  • Afternoon Analog Endurance, 14:30-17:30
  • Presentation of Awards, 17:45
  • Booted out the door, 18:00

Bonus points for anyone who wears something PINK!!!

If you would like any more information, please email us on the above address.

List of teams below:

Team Member 1 Member 2 Member 3
Digital 1 Mick Bolger Alan Thompson Adam Keegan  
Digital 2 Ed Fahy Lorcan Murphy Dave Bolger  
Digital 3 Ivan Thompson John Hammond Ron Corry  
Digital 4 George O`Rourke Joe Keegan Emmet Farrell  
Digital 5 Kevin White Lee McGuire Chris Lowe  
Digital 6 Alex Healy-Brennan      
Analog 1 Mick Bolger Alan Thompson Adam Keegan  
Analog 2 Ivan Thompson Ed Fahy    
Analog 3 John Hammond Lorcan Murphy George O`Rourke  
Analog 4 Ron Corry      

The Cars

Cars will be provided as part of the entry fee. They have all been equalised so no one has an advantage!!

Below are the cars for the Digital race (morning)


Below are the cars for the Analog race (afternoon)


Also to keep you busy for the day, we have set up a Rally Stage for 1 car. A great chance to get a Lancia Delta sideways!!! So who ever completes the course in less than 20 seconds gets a bickie...


See You there!!!

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