Championships 2021 (two of em!!)

So now that we have guidelines from the government regarding the re-opening of indoor leisure/sport, we want to get ourselves back to normal racing as soon as possible.

Right at the moment its not possible to do full on normal racing, as we need to still limit numbers and observe social distancing etc etc. Though this changes on October 22nd

So what we have decided to do is call two championships. One short 3 round mini-championship to bring us up to October 22nd, and then a full on normal 10 round winter championship.

The Mini Championship will start on Sept 19th, there will be a round every two weeks. During this time, we now need to ask each member to continue to book in online as before, and also show proof of vaccination when you come to the club. It will be best two rounds to count. Theres a limit of 4 people on the rostrum, so will be a slightly different way of doing it. But whatever we do, it will be fun. Tyre choice is open, so use up your old darts or whatever.

Winter Championship, will start on 31st October. Best 6 rounds to count, and this will be the usual format, as we can have 8 on the rostrum. We may call a control tyre closer to the start.

All dates are on the Club Calendar... (click here)

You can find links/info on Booking in here (click), same rules apply regrding closing of booking etc.

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