Well done to Alan Thompson on joining Team C

Ten Year Old Alan Thompson has joined Team C/SMD as a team driver for 2013/14.

For the upcoming season Alan will be using his new Team C TM2 in two wheel drive as well as Sanwa radio equipment, he is currently trying out different power systems but whatever is put in the car he just drives flat out.

Alan has being going from strength to strength over the last 3 or 4 years, going from a beginner to winning the 2012/13 Dublin Model Car Club indoor championship at Clubman level.

Throughout the season he was getting faster lap times than a lot of the Modified drivers even though he was limited to a 10.5 brushless with no timing. A lot of the experienced modified drivers knew he would soon be racing against them and beating them!

For the summer 2013 championship Alan wanted to try running in the Modified 2WD class and has been getting used to the hotter motor a little too quickly for some!!

Overall he finished 4th in his first season in Modified, which is pretty impressive for a 10 year old racing against competition like Mark Penny and Mick Bolger.

Towards the end of the 10 round championships he has done a lot better. The final heat being particularly good, where Alan passed out his mechanic (Dad) on the final corner, staying in front of him to the finish line to end the championship with a TQ and a win in both finals.

Alan now also wants to try 4wd modified for the winter championship

He has a very promising future in model car racing!

It’s about time Alan was signed, and the Dublin Model Car Club would like to wish him the best of luck in the future with Team C. He is a fantastic driver, and a real sportsman too!!


Alan testing his car

We have also heard he is a pretty good Angry Birds player :D

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