DMCC Christmas Grand Prix 2016 update.....

Another great days racing at the DMCC for the annual Christmas GP. Well done to all the winners, and of course everyone who attended.

There was some really close racing, with one of the 4WD finals seeing ALL cars cross the line within 7 seconds!! The Clubman class saw two relatively new racers take podium positions. Well done lads!

Though we were all feeling sorry for Colin Whelan who lost out on the podium by just 1 second!!! Better luck next year :)

Click Here for full results.

2 Wheel Drive Modified

  • 1st Dylan McBurney
  • 2nd Michael Bolger
  • 3rd Denzell McBurney


2 Wheel Drive Clubman

  • 1st Marcin Debowski
  • 2nd Stephen Massey
  • 3rd Dave Bolger


4 Wheel Drive Modified

  • 1st Denzell McBurney
  • 2nd Dylan McBurney
  • 3rd Michael Bolger


See you all in the new year!!

DMCC Christmas Grand Prix 2016.....

So you`ve eaten your sixteenth consecutive Selection Box (and still cant get rid of the Cadburys Fudge), you`re trying to figure out how to get the Reindeer poo off the roof, and youve eaten so much turkey you`ve grown a couple of tail feathers....

Theres only one thing for it, get your model car out and go racing!

The DMCC are holding their ever popular Christmas GP on Tuesday December 27th at The Naul. Doors open 9:00am.

Race Fees apply: €10 for first race class,€5 for second class. Juniors €5 per class

All entrants will be given a set of tyres! (because its christmas and we RC car racers want somthing more useful than jumpers/slippers etc.)

The Christmas GP is open to members and non-members as always.

The track has a new lay-out, so everyone will be on an equal footing!!

Format will be 3 rounds of Qual and a 3 Leg Final, so please be on time as we have lots of good racing to do!!

First heat will be 10:30am sharp!

This year the Secretary has given up chocolate and requires hard liquor for bribes... or Wagon Wheels (Jammy ones).

DMCC Track

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