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DMCC Christmas Grand Prix 2021.....

Event is now fully booked.

If you would like to book in below we can place you on a reserve list

As all you car racing enthusiasts would know, even Le Mans has been cancelled in the past (great depression, ww2 etc), but also the DMCC had to cancel the 2020 Christmas GP due to covid/fire.

But, we are back with the world famous Dublin Model Car Club Christmas Grand Prix 2021!!!!

It will be held on Tuesday 28th December as a Fundraiser to help the club get back on its feet.

We are giving you all plenty of notice to come up with excuses as to why you are dissapearing for the day. If you are stuck for one, see below for a list of pre-prepared cunning excuses.

  • I have an audience with the Queen
  • I left your BIG christmas present at the track
  • I`ve just been appointed Minister for Finance!!
  • Im recieving the Nobel Prize for Physics, the Christmas Edition
  • Seems the Pharoh has been acting up, theres going to be a terrible plauge of locusts/frogs/pestilence/, I had better go investigate...

Things you need to know....

  • Date: Tuesday 28th December
  • Time: Doors open 9am, Drivers briefing 9:30, first race 10am
  • Location: DMCC Track, Naul, Co Dublin.
  • This is a pre-booked event, click here to book.

  • Race Format: To be decided, but there will be lots of racing.
  • Control Tyre: Schumacher Cactus on rear axle

Booking will be closed on 27th December, if your not booked, please dont come to the track. Even if you just want to spectate book in!!

Race Fees

  • Monthly fee payers: €15
  • Members: €20
  • Non Members: €25
  • Under 18s: €10
  • Second class:€5

You can pay on the day by card (no cash!!) or by paypal to the clubs email address.

And since its a fundraiser, if your`re not gonna make it, dont be afraid to donate a few quid to the clubs Go Fund Me here!!

*****All racers must supply presents/mince pies to the Race Director*****

***Last year there was ONE mince pie supplied to the committee... this is not on, we are serious!***

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