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Winter Championship 2014/15 announced....

The aim of this years Winter Championship is consistency. We will be running things a little different, though with our normal 3 rounds of qualifying and a 2 leg final.

However normally we base the finals on 3 legs, using the results of qualifying as a "leg". This year we wont be doing that, and your two leg final results will be what decides the over all position.

In order to take into account somthing from qualifying, as this is what members wanted, we will be awarding championship points for qualifying as well as finals. So you will have to keep up a good pace across all races!!

Qualifying will also be round by round points, which promotes consistency. Your best two qualifying rounds will go towards your grid position, AND points for the championship.

If you want more information, just ask one of the committee members and we can clarify anything for you.

We have issued basic Suplementary rules for the Championship Please Click here to view them

We have also covered the rules in detail Please Click here to view them

Winter Championship Dates are on the Calendar

We are also going to run a mini 1/18th and 1/16th scale class championship on these dates, depending on interest.

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