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Round 1 of the Winter Championships kicks off.....

Last weekend saw the DMCC Winter Championships kick off at The Naul. Things are being done a little different with scoring and it already looks like it is going to be very interesting.

Championship points are being awarded for Qualifying, meaning you wont get away with scraping into an A final and comming away with 100 points for an overall win. Drivers are going to have to be much more consistant and be at their best for the whole days racing.

In 2WD Clubman, Graham Parkes got of to a great start in Qual, with 2 wins giving him 100 points in the bag for his overall score. Jack Cunningham and Dave Bolger fought it out for 2nd and 3rd, with Dave getting it with best points.

2WD Modified saw Mick Bolger take 100 points with a pair of wins. However Alan Thompson was really on his A game just 6 seconds behind Mick. But most importantly, ahead of his Dad Ivan.

4WD Mod again saw Mick take two wins but breaking down in the second round left the door open Lee McGuire to take a win and make it just a little more difficult for Mick. Ivan Thompson wasnt having the best day but things were to change in the Finals.

The new mini off road class got off to a decent start with Alan Thompson taking pole and 100 points.

Into the finals saw Graham taking 2 wins in 2WD Club, to give him the best points of the day across all classes with 200. Though Dave and Jack swapped places with Jack upping his pace big time.

Mick didnt have it so easy in Modified, and Alan Thompson showed him how it should be done with better average and best lap times. Though this means they are now tied on points with 199 each. Just shows how you can`t get away with messing around in Qualifying!!!

Alan Thompson taking the overall win in 2WD


4WD Mod gave Mick back a top position with 2 wins. But Lees driving went to the dogs and Ivan took full advantage of it taking second place.

In the Mini class, Graham and Alan swapped places leaving them tied on points going into round 2.

All in all it was a great days racing with drivers getting used to Round by Round Qualifying and new points systems. We think this is going to lead to a very interesting championships for the Winter!!!

See you at Round 2 on 14th December!!

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